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Welcome to our new Head Varsity Coach- Link Davis.  His Bio is under the Coach tab.    


We welcome your involvement and hope you will continue to be your child's greatest wrestling fan!  Finally, to volunteer at West, you will need to fill out the new PISD application https://plano.voly.org/volunteer/applications.html.


2021-2022 is going to be a GREAT year,


Tom Madison, President



Shela Mobarak, Treasurer 

Plano West Wrestling Booster Club, 2021-2022




2021-2022 West Wrestling Booster Club

These families & these students are proud members of the Booster Club.


Blue Nation Level Membership

The Mobarak’s         

The McAlister’s        

The Davis’s

The Benitez/Martin's

The Ortiz/Rood’s

The Osburn’s

The Samsula’s

The Spero’s

The Chow’s

The Daly’s




Wolf Level Membership

The Ansel’s    

The Malaniy 's

The Georgelas’s

The Bryant 's

The Van Creveld 's 




Wolf Level Athletic Members

Allison Bryant


Farid Mobarak



Wrestling Board 2021-2022:


Tom Madison


VP Membership

Isabelle Elizondo


VP Programs



VP Ways & Means/Spirit wear




Rosemary Samsula



Shela Mobarak


Girl’s Representative                            



Jasper Representative                            

Crystal Rood


Shepton Representative

Bill Ansel


*We need members to fill these positions urgently- please email twmadison@gmail.com

To know what’s going on create profile on website and download TeamReach- code on website



Link Davis                 Coach, Varsity/Shepton          Link.davis@pisd.edu

Jake McIntyre          Coach, JV/Jasper                    Jacob.Macintyre@pisd.edu

To know about practices, Download - SportsYou App– code DDJC-VAF4


Join the Plano West Wrestling Booster Club!

 Your membership helps us to continue to support our athletes by underwriting...

●      1st Day t-shirts

●      Ionizers in Locker Rooms to Prevent Staph Infections

●      Overnight travel- hotels/cars/food

●      Coaching Tools-Mindset Training

●      Rehab Equipment

●      Weight Room Equipment

●      Mural/Signs for Wrestling Gym/Mat room

●      End of Season Banquets

●      Website to Keep You Connected

●      Coaches Wish List

●      To support wrestlers with financial need





Booster News

 We need to assemble our New Board;

please email Twmadison@gmail.com or ShelaMobarak@yahoo.com

Next Booster Meeting: Board meeting- TBD


Board Members 


Tom Madison  ask@PlanoWestWrestling.org
 1st VP of Membership Isabel Elizondo


 2nd VP of Programs OPEN


 3rd VP of Ways and Means OPEN  Ways@PlanoWestWrestling.org


Shela Mobarak


 Secretary Rosemary Samsula


 Jasper Representative OPEN


 Shepton Representative Bill Ansel


 Girls Team Representative OPEN














The Plano West Wrestling Booster Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We suggest an average donation, which is 100% tax-deductible. We will supply you with a tax receipt. 100% of your contribution goes to your Booster Club. Please consider donating and asking your employer to match your donation! If you have questions, please contact Shela Mobarak, shelamobarak@yahoo.com.


If you are donating for a wrestler- please indicate their name to their account can be credited



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Enter code: 202020217


We appreciate your helping hands at our duals, tournaments, and throughout the wrestling season. Please join us! You can select specific events or become a "Happy to Help" Volunteer, and we will contact you periodically as events pop up. Volunteering is a great way to get in on all the wrestling action!  Click on the picture below: 









We are so thankful to our sponsors for their generosity!


PISD Links 

Plano West High School

Jasper High School

Shepton High School

Shepton Stallion Club


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Passive Fundraisers

The Plano West Wrestling Booster Club is part of the Kroger Community Awards Program! Please visit      www.Kroger.com to add us to your Kroger Plus Shopper's Card. Then, follow these steps: 

·        Sign into your Digital Account.

·        Select ‘My Account’.

·        Scroll down to the ‘Community Rewards’ section of your account page.

·        Select ‘Enroll Now’ or ‘Edit’.

·        Enter Plano West Wrestling Booster Club or 98988.

·        Click on ‘Save’.

PWWBC will now display in the Community Rewards section of your account page. Any transactions moving forward using the card number associated with your digital account will be applied to the program. In about 10 days the Community Rewards total will begin displaying on your receipt.




The Tom Thumb Good Neighbor number #13721 must be linked to your Reward Card. Simply fill out the Good Neighbor Program section and the top part of a Reward Card Application, indicating PWWBC's number and return it to the Courtesy Booth. That's it! The purchase price of groceries will automatically be recorded to PWWBC's Good Neighbor account. A check for 1% of the total is sent directly to PWWBC each quarter. The amount of the check depends on the amount of total purchases. 

It's an easy way to help PWWBC earn funds. Thank you!